Fostering Our Success with a Link to Our Past

A Visionary Foundation Dedicated to Seeding and Inspiring the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists

Supporting the Jewish community domestically and around the world

About the Wolchok Family and the story behind our Foundation

The Wolchok Family Foundation has been recognized as one of the leading philanthropies dedicated to providing seed and follow on funding for cutting edge initiatives designed to disrupt the existing social order of Jewish communal life.  Since its founding, the WFF has seeded initiatives that have now raised collectively more than $170 million dedicated to supporting initiatives including Jewish outreach, authentic Torah learning, post college academic scholarships, subsidized wedding initiatives, and food drives.

We are dedicated to supporting causes that have significant impact on Jewish continuity. Among these are initiatives to bring in-depth traditional Jewish learning to unaffiliated Jews, promoting Jewish community development across the world, and encouraging the dissemination of Torah learning and Jewish values. We seek to emulate the biblical partnership of the two Jewish tribes of Yissachar and Zevulun: in which Zevulun used his strengths in commerce and business acumen to support Yissachar’s abilities in spiritual growth and Torah study.

This symbiotic relationship resulted in a material and spiritual partnership which benefited each tribe, and continues to resonate with Jewish life even into our modern age. We focus on supporting the dissemination of Torah in many formats, from cutting edge outreach programs geared towards college students and young professionals, all the way to individual grants for outstanding individual Torah scholars. We feel strongly that wealth is a tool that can be wisely used to better oneself only by bettering the world, and that the blessing of wealth carries with it the innate responsibility to help those in need at the individual, communal, and national level.

“As one who has made several requests for funding to the Wolchok Family Foundation in recent years, I can say that there are several things that set the Foundation apart. The first is the effort made to investigate every request thoroughly and to be open to new suggestions. But most notable in my mind is the eagerness to give. Those making requests are never made to feel like beggars, but rather as if they are providing a valuable opportunity to the Foundation with their request. Even when the request cannot be granted in whole or part, the one soliciting funds is also made to feel that there is a desire to give more, not that the request was found unworthy. ”


At the Wolchok Family Foundation we focus on areas where we can provide the greatest possible impact to the Jewish community. The Wolchok Family Foundation supports organizations who are committed to bringing Jewish knowledge to unaffiliated Jews in North America and Israel, and has provided seed funding to start several flagship outreach initiatives.

Jewish Outreach

  • The Wolchok Family Foundation supports organizations who are committed to bringing Jewish knowledge to unaffiliated Jews in North America and Israel, and has provided seed funding to start several flagship outreach initiatives.The Wolchok Family Foundation created a unique scholars program that provides top post college students with the opportunity to study Torah in Israel at a number of yeshivas and seminaries. In turn, this scholars program inspired and encouraged other family foundations to redirect their giving efforts along similar lines, generating millions of dollars in assistance for young, unaffiliated Jews to learn Torah in Israel.

Torah Learning

  • The Wolchok Family Foundation has impacted the Torah world by:
    • Providing vital support to Jewish Education by supporting many Yeshivos and Jewish Day Schools.
    • Providing grants and seed funding to help start numerous Yeshivos and Kollelim around the world.
    • Supporting individual Torah Scholars and helping them


  • The Wolchok Family Foundation has focused its support in the following areas of need in the community:

    • Hachnassas Kallah – assistance with weddings.

    • Infertility treatment and counseling.

    • Critical support to numerous organizations that supply clothing, food distributions, and other necessities for those in need, especially during Shabbat and Yom Tov.

Notable Accomplishments