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  • Created in 2008

BMG — National Community Development Office

In 2008, the Family Foundation partnered with Beth Medrash Govoha (BMG), the largest Yeshiva in the U.S. with over 6,000 talmidim, to create and build BMG’s National Community Development office (NCDO), headed by Rabbi Sroy Levitansky.

In its many years of operation, the NCDO has invested time, energy, and resources to learn the landscape of nearly every city in North America that has a kollel presence. The NCDO has also built bridges and relationships with these communities, to make them aware, that the office understands their challenges and needs, and that the vast resources of BMG and beyond, are here for them.

In time, the NCDO’s placement division has become the central go-to team, that can and does fill the vast majority of educational and community positions that are opening in North America. The placement division finds and develops new talent, which ensures that when positions open it can fill them with the best possible candidates. It has also become a central address for Yungeleit looking for a position in an out of town community.

The NCDO has also become a national resource for the full scope of community building requirements; from key information such as the cost of living in any given locale, to helping set a strong and effective structured learning program for Kollelim.

This has made the NCDO a nationwide Jewish community building resource, which is a key strength that continues to make them indispensable to the Jewish People.

Download the PDF showing all the Kollel locations around the United States: Kollel Map 2017

The Wolchok Family Foundation Foundation’s office of National Community Development is the external arm of BMG, reaching Jewish communities around the globe. It is the Jewish People’s world leader in strengthening Torah study and institutions for Jews of all types, backgrounds and size. The Wolchok Family Foundation National Community Development Office at BMG has trusteed partnerships with 120 communities, in places such as Moscow, Russia; Mexico City, Mexico; Palo Alto, California; and numerous other locales. The Office helps funds scholars in Marseilles, France; Atlanta, Georgia and more, and it works regularly with 80 Community Kollels, for whom the Office is their primary source and resource. Through these partners, the Wolchok Family Foundation is reaching hundreds of thousands of Jews and directly ensuring a strong future for the Jewish people. BMG is grateful to the Wolchok Family Foundation Foundation for its partnership in bringing Torah and continuity to Klal Yisroel.