Program Highlights

  • Founded in 2008 with contribution of 1M
  • Supported the birth of 6,258 babies
  • Provide both emotional and financial support

Creating Families, Building Eternity — Fertility Treatment Assistance

In 2008, the Foundation gave Bonei Olam its largest grant to date of $1,000,000 to help build and establish it into a major organization that has now seen the birth of 6,258 babies.

In addition, the Foundation collaborated with Bonei Olam founder, Shloime Bochner to explore the creation of “Tomorrow a Child”, a program which would provide assistance to all Jews regardless of religious affiliation.

Bonei Olam: Current statistics indicate that one out of every six couples are faced with the challenge of infertility. The pain and emotional trauma of childlessness is something no couple should have to endure. Certainly not due to a lack of financial means or other surmountable obstacles. Bonei Olam provides whatever means or resources necessary to help childless couples achieve the dream of parenthood. Bonei Olam is recognized in the worldwide medical arena for its leadership role at the forefront of reproductive medicine, research and technology. Bonei Olam’s myriad programs cover every step up the process including financial assistance, work up, medication, high-risk pregnancy, pre-implantation, genetic diagnosis, pre-and-post cancer fertility, education, awareness, and adoption assistance.