Program Highlights

  • Founded in Israel in 2014
  • Goal to promote higher level of Torah scholarship
  • Received over 150 applications

The Ketzot Hahalacha Scholarship Fund

The Ketzot HaHalacha Scholarship Fund was set up in Israel, in 2014, to promote the ideal of a higher level of Torah scholarship.

While the Torah community continues to grow at an admirable pace, with the accompanying growth of various educational institutions, there is still a recognized need in the Torah world for ensuring that the coming generation has access to a cadre of scholars who will serve as the guiding lights to the Torah community.

Ketzot HaHalacha’s goal is to inspire rabbis to strive to desire to reach the upper stratosphere of Torah knowledge necessary to become “morei hora’ah”, quintessential halachic deciders, and to encourage those rabbis already striving to do so.

Ketzot HaHalacha recognizes that while there are many budding and accomplished Torah scholars, many are not yet fully experienced in the skill of developing and rendering a halachic thesis in written format. There may also be rabbis who already have these writing skills, but personal time constraints leave them little time to devote to creative writing.

The Ketzot HaHalacha Scholarship Fund was therefore founded, to offer generous stipends which serves as an incentive for rabbis to develop their scholastic potential by writing halachic opinions or briefs pertaining to practical contemporary questions. These stipends encourage them to focus on bringing forth the latent talents hidden in them, and also help them to make the time needed to successfully undertake such a project.

The Fund has generated much interest in the Torah community in Israel, and to date has received some 150 submissions, each of which reflects a tremendous amount of Torah scholarship.