Program Highlights

  • Incorporated in 2003
  • Partnered with Tomchei Shabbos in 2011
  • Supports thousands of families annually

Tomchei Shabbos D’Lakewood — Moadim Lesimcha

The Wolchok Family Foundation provided the seed money for starting this fund, and remains its primary supporter.
Tomchei Shabbos D’Lakewood is a nonprofit organization which was incorporated in 2003 and is located in Lakewood, New Jersey. The organization’s mission is to provide struggling families with basic food necessities in a discreet and modest manner, allowing them to adequately feed their families with dignity.

The organization has various programs to assist the needy. Its largest program consists of a monthly distribution of food purchased in bulk and repackaged and distributed by dedicated volunteers. Smaller weekly programs make food distributions to especially needy families and for those enduring great financial strain, monetary assistance is given from a dedicated special fund.

In 2011, the Wolchok Family Foundation partnered with “Tomchei Shabbos” to support its “Moadim Lesimcha” program, which provides food at cost price to struggling families during the holiday seasons.
The Foundation sponsored the design and development of unique software for Moadim’s on site checkout system, and modification of its existing telephone order entry system.

The Foundation also sponsored the purchase of computers and other hardware to help expand the distribution infrastructure.

The Foundation maintains an ongoing relationship with Tomchei Shabbos, in the form of a non-interest bearing revolving line of credit earmarked for the “Moadim Lesimcha” program. These funds enable bulk purchasing at better prices, and the ability to take advantage of closeouts.

The “Moadim Lesimcha” program helps thousands of families annually afford their Yom Tov food purchases and takes particular care to respect the dignity of each family by providing them the opportunity to purchase their food items at or below wholesale cost.